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Automatic Hand Dryers

Automatic hand dryers are turned on by passing your hands near the sensor.  Typical automatics hand dryers run for 30 to 45 seconds.  High performance automatic hand dryers run for 15 seconds or less.

High Performance Automatic Hand Dryers

These fast hand dryers are new to the market but they bring a high speed drying machine to the restroom that will blow you away.  Although the sound levels are higher that conventional dryers, these high speed dryers dry hands in under 15 seconds.  And some of them bring some really innovative features with them.

Global eXtremeAir® GXT6
by American Dryer, Inc.

Global eXtremeAir® automatic hand dryers is among the newest of the high speed dryers. 

  • 10-15 second dry time
  • GreenSpec® Listed
  • Qualifies for LEED® credits
  • 3x faster and saves 95%

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eXtremeAir vs F150

Global eXtremeAir
White Steel
Global eXtremeAir
Chrome Steel


Global eXtremeAir
White ABS


Touch-Free Automatic Hand Dryers

Touch-free means that a sensor turns the hand dryer on.  A timer inside the unit limits the dryer from running continually.  Because the touch-free dryer is activated by a sensor instead of by pushing a button, users do not transfer germs to and from the unit to dry there hands.

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   Speedflow Hand Dryer  Global GX Hand Dryer
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Schools with hundreds of child use the touch-free dryer to reduce absenteeism.  Flue and deadly viruses transfer easily in an academic environment were hundreds of people are grouped together in close contact with each other.  The CDC recommends washing hand several times during the day to help prevent the transfer of germ and bacteria.

Hospitals, and profession doctors offices need to limits the possibility of transfer of infectious disease to patients.  Warm air dryers are used instead of paper towel dispensers.

Sensor air driers work in office builds in the same ways.  Anywhere people are in close proximity of each other good hygiene is a priority that does not cost more.


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