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World Dryer SLIMdri™ Hand Dryers

  • Surface Mounted ADA Compliant
  • Universal voltage (110 to 240 Volts)
  • SteriTouch® hygienic antimicrobial
  • Flexible - ON/OFF heat options
  • GREENSpec® and UL Listed
  • Durable and vandal resistant
  • 5 Year Warranty

Fast ADA Compliant "Out-of-the-Box"

The World Dryer SLIMdri™ Hand Dryers are the fastest hand dryers that are surface mounted ADA compliant (protrudes less than 4") while auto adapting to 110-240 volts  automatically.  This hand dryer produces 70 CFM of air flow at 140 MPH.

SLIMdri™ is the fastest and most energy efficient surface-mounted ADA compliant hand dryer. The SLIMdri hand dryers offers the best performance in its class. The flexible ON/OFF heating controls, ultra compact and contemporary stylish design, and universal voltage features make SLIMdri a perfect fit for all medium to high traffic and ADA compliant facilities.
Volts Amps Watts Hz
110-120 8.7 1000 50/60
208 4 825 50/60
220-240 4.3 1000 50/60

Cover Material Cover Finish Model Unit Weight Unit Size (H x W x D) inch
Aluminum  White  # L-974  9.0 lbs  10.7”x11.43” x 3.9”
Aluminum  Polished Chrome # L-970  9.0 lbs 10.7” x11.43” x 3.9”
Aluminum  Brushed Chrome  # L-971  9.0 lbs 10.7” x11.43” x 3.9”
Cast Iron  Porcelain Enamel # L-976  17.6 lbs  10.7” x11.43” x 3.9”



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