•    Surface Mounted
•    Formed From Impact High Density Polyethylene
•    Fungus And Bacteria Resistant
•    ADA Compliant
•    Built-In Liner Dispenser
•    One Hand Adjustable Safety Belt
•    Bag Hooks On Both Sides For Convenience

DryBaby Baby Quick Seat - Model ABC-300BQS

The world dryer DryBaby baby changing stations offer many exceptional features that are designed to enhance convenience and safety. The DryBaby product line is meticulously designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the toughest standards in the industry today.

The World Dryer DryBaby Baby Quick Seat was designed to safely secure a child while an adult is changing another child or using the facilities. This seat is surface mounted and ADA compliant.

This incredibly durable quick seat is molded from high impact, high density polyethylene and is designed to last. The polyethylene is infused with antibacterial agents that are designed to eliminate fungi and bacteria from the surface.

This quick seat features a nylon safety belt that is designed secure the child and can be easily adjusted with one hand. Both the interior of the seat and the nylon safety strap are extremely easy to clean. This quick see also features a built-in liner dispenser and bag hooks both sides for convenience.

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