Hand Dryer Height for Installation

Hand dryer height for installation is a frequently asked question after purchase. The hand dryer height is primarily determined by the ADA Guides for accessability. Although, it is important to note that individual inspectors will need to make the final decision on dryer placement. For more information, visit our guide to ADA hand dryer installation.

The recommended hand dryer installation height from the floor to the bottom of the dryer can vary depending on the source and type of hand dryer. The most popular brands American Dryer, Saniflow Corp., and World Dryer Corp publish their recommendations for automatic hand dryers. For push button hand dryers the height would be slightly lower.

  American Dryer Saniflow Corp World Dryer Corp
Men 44" 47" 46"
Women 42" 45" 44"
Children 32"-42" 37"  
4-7     32"
7-10     36"
10-13     40"
13-17     44"
36" 40" 37"

One constant which can be seen, as stated by Bradley Corporation, is "Anything that a person might need to reach should be a maximum of 48” in there ADA Universal Design Guide. Manufacturer published heights, the ADA Guides, or local code serve as sources for height guidelines