Hand Dryer Technology

Extreme Air by American Dryer - Using Hand dryer technology

Hand dryer technology increases usability, efficiency, and sustainability of the modern restroom. Many new hand dryers are automatic hand dryers and touchless, activated by motion sensors. Some are smaller and able to meet ADA requirements without having to recess the hand dryer into the wall. Other hand dyers can now automatically detect 110, 208, or 220 voltages, thereby adjusting itself to the appropriate voltage and thus making it easier to replace an existing installation. The construction of the dryers' plastic covers are made strong enough to support a full size truck and still run perfectly. Adjustable variable speed motors allow the installer to determine noise level vs. air speed. Low wattage environmentally friendly dryers without heating elements dry hands in 10 to 15 seconds.

Until recently, hand dryers mounted on the wall about chest height, dry hands by blowing heated air from one direction while the user moves and rubs hands together to assist in the drying cycle. Now, there are dryers that utilize 300 separate nozzles to massage the water from the operator's hands at 125 mph without the use of hand movement. These new hand dryers work by the user placing their hands into the dryer and holding them still until the end of the cycle. The plastic used for the interior of these units are imbedded with Microban®, an antimicrobial agent which protects the product itself. Using this type of dryer will feel like a massage to the hands. The unit mounts upright on the wall, just below waist level, and dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds while using 80% less energy than conventional hand dryers. Conventional hand dryers use up to 2200 watts of power for 30 to 45 seconds. These new dryers use less than 1800 watts of power for as little as 10 seconds. Because the dryer runs for less time and uses less power, energy is saved each time the dryer is used. Additionally, excess water is captured inside the unit and evaporates naturally keeping water from being dripped onto the floor. These hand dryers combine the best technologies with elegance and efficiency.

VMax by World Dryer - Using Hand dryer technology

Hand dryer technology has been used to create a dryer that uses only 540 watts of power and will dry your hands in less than 15 seconds. To achieve the low wattage usage, the dryer uses only the heat from the blower motor, so it has no heating element. Not only does this technology save resources but it reduces installation cost and allows the dryer to be installed in places that it could not be installed because of the wattage usage. The low wattage allows up to 3 of these dryers to be installed on one circuit. This reduces installation time (most electricians charge by the hour) and can cut the number of new circuits needed by 1/3. In some cases, normal wattage hand dryers could not be installed because of a lack of power in the building. This dryer uses only 540 watts so it can be install on an existing circuit with other devices as long as the total power usage does not exceed the allowable power of that circuit (check with your electrician for details).

Hand Dryer Technology in Use

Listed below are some of the hand dryers that use the hand dryer technology we have described.

World Dryer V-639A VMax High-Speed Vertical Automatic Hand Dryer

  • Elegant new design
  • Dry time: 10 - 15 seconds
  • Simply place hands (no hand movement) into the top of the hand dryer
  • Features HEPA filter

eXtremeAir® EXT7 Automatic High Speed Energy Efficient Hand Dryer

  • Cold Plasma Clean™ technology kills germs naturally
  • Dry time: 10 - 15 seconds
  • Adjustable sound and speed
  • Compact design

Global GXT9 eXtremeAir® Automatic High Speed Hand Dryer

  • Uses up to 80% less energy
  • Dry time: 10 - 12 seconds
  • Heating element brings air temperature up to 135°