Enjoy exceptionally quiet yet powerful performance with our convenient, safe and economical WorldWind™ hair dryers.

Designed to maximize comfort, safety and affordability, our WorldWind™ hair dryers feature insulated hoses and hand pieces that eliminate unwanted heat buildup as well as isolated electrical components that help prevent accidental water exposure.

 Technical Data


Durable, easy to install and convenient and comfortable to use, our WorldWind™ hair dryers are ideal for facilities such as:

  • Hotel rooms
  • Health clubs
  • Swimming pools
  • Dressing rooms
  • Schools
  • Homes

Our WorldWind™ hair dryers can meet any demand:

  • HD3 Model
    • Automatic start and stop by simply taking the hand piece in and out of the base
    • Choice of control speeds
    • 15-minute electronic timer
    • 1,000 watts of power that delivers 2,953 linear feet per minute of air velocity
    • Plug-in convenience