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Electric Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are a cost effective way to dry hands.  A hand dryer will normally dry hands in about 30 seconds.  Fast hand dryers work in about 15 seconds or less.  Hand dryers can be vandal resistant, maintenance free, and better for the environment than alternatives.

Hand Dryer Cost Savings Calculator

What's New in Electric Hand Dryers

Fast and furious.  That describes the new hand dryer by Saniflow.  The new Machflow® hand dryer is fast, efficient, and backed by a 10 year limited warranty.  Aimed to compete with the XLERATOR® from Excel Dryer, Inc.  The Machflow will dryer your hands in about 8 to 12 seconds using air speed up to 202 mph.

American Dryer has introduced the NEW GTX9 and EXT7 eXtremeAir® hand dryers that out performs dryers on the market to and is made in the united states.  Adjustable sound and universal voltage (110-240v) offers the lowest energy consumption in their respective categories.  ADA Compliant (with optional recess kit), these are most energy efficient high speed hand dryers on the market!

The New World Dryer SLIMdri™ Hand Dryers looks to really put them back in the game.  This new hand dryer is ADA compliant right out of the box and has 110-240 volt auto sensing connection.

Hand Dryers in the news again.  Recently filed by Suzy Cohen, "Wash your hands, but don't use hand dryers" is more hot air the see-saw of how to dry your hands.  We suggest reading the Mayo Clinic Hygiene Report.

America Dryer as released in 2010 their new 540 watt fast hand dryer.  The new eXtremeAir EXT hand dryer will dry hands in about 12 seconds and use about a third of the power making this most efferent and green high speed dryer on the market today.

World Dryer Corporation introduced the new SmartDri™ hand dryer.  By allowing field adjustments to lower the blower speed and turn off the heater, the SmartDri™ hand dryer can use as little as 400 watts.

Electric Hand Dryers come in two types:

Electric hand dryers, automatic or push button, allow owners and customers to benefit from an ecologically sound drying method.

Owners will find a lower over all operating cost verses paper towels.  They will also find that plumping , and maintenance expenses are lower.  No paper to clog toilets and less time spent filling paper towel dispensers.

Customers will find a reliable dryer that will never run out of paper towels.  High performance electric hand dryers will dry hands in 15 seconds or less.

Hand Dryer Height for Installation

One constant which can be seen, as stated by Bradley Corporation, is "Anything that a person might need to reach should be a maximum of 48”...read Hand Dryer Height for Installation.

Environmentally Conscious Hand Dryers

The drastic improvements that have occurred within the world of hand dryers may have gone unnoticed.  Many new models that offer superior hand-drying abilities and building supervisors are becoming aware of the benefits of placing hand dryers in their restrooms.

States are promoting the elements of “green building” that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has created. 

Components of Green Building

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  • Water Efficiency
  • Environmentally Preferable Building Materials and Specifications
  • Waste Reduction
  • Toxics Reduction
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Smart Growth and Sustainable Development
  • Buildings are now being built with "green" in mind.  Even remolds can take advantage of the "green" dryers and hands-free restrooms.  To encourage the use of hand dryers, owners find people prefer fast dryers.  Choosing the right products insures that they will be used.

    Find a hand dryer that meets green regulations by looking for the GreenSpec® listed and LEED™ certified products.  Some dryers are now GreenSpec® listed and qualify for LEED™ credits.  These dryers meet the concerns of environmentalist and provide an eco-friendly solution.

    Electric Hand Dryer Cost Savings

    An electric hand dryer will save money compared to paper towels.  The savings comes from lower maintenance, no refills, no waste to discard, and no clogged toilets.  Pay back is usually about 12 to 24 months depending on usage.  The more hands to dry, the fast the pay back.

    Electric Hand Dryers Manufacturers

    Hand dryer manufacturers continue to improve on the design and efficiency of hand dryers.  American Dryer Inc., American Specialties, Inc., Bradley Corp., Bobrick, SaniFlow, and World Dryer make hand dryers for most situations.  Each of these manufacturers stands be hide there products with warranties, technical support and parts.  There products are tested and certified.


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