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Push Button Hand Dryers

Push button hand dryers include some of the most economical dryers available.  Push button hand dryers also include heavy duty dryers that are vandal resistant.  Many people prefer to use a push button dryer instead of relying on a sensor to active the warm air blower.

Economical Push Button Hand Dryers

Junior M88 - Push Button Hand Dryer
by Saniflow Corp.
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Maintenance Free

The Junior made by Saniflow Corp. is the most economical hand dryer.  This is an entry level dryer designed for small offices or restrooms with moderate traffic flow.  The Junior has a low profile, perturbing from the wall only 5½ inches.


Heavy Duty Push Button Hand Dryers

Saniflow® E85 Hand Dryer - Push Button - Cast Iron -
White Porcelain
by Saniflow Corp.
  • 360º Revolving Nozzle
  • 1/4" Cast Iron Cover
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Vandal-Resistan
  • 50/60 Hz 110-120V
  • Ideal for Very High Traffic Areas

The Saniflow® Commercial Hand Dryer is designed to last in very high traffic areas. The Hand Dryer is built with an anti-vandalism design which includes a ¼" (6mm) cast iron cover and a 34 second timer. These are heavy duty hand dryers designed for safety and anti-vandalism. These electric hand dryers offer an economic solution to the cost and waste of paper towels.



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