• 10-15 Seconds Drying Time
• Maintenance-Free
• Vandal Resistant Design
• 5-Year Limited Warranty

With its patent pending technology, the eXtremeAir® hand dryer is 3X faster than normal hand dryers - it dries hands completely in 10-15 seconds. This is accomplished with a powerful blast of warm air that quickly breaks up the layer of surface water on your hands for quick removal and evaporation.

While all American hand dryers save trees and reduce landfill waste - The eXtremeAir® uses up to 80% less energy than most hand dryers.

The new GXT high performance automatic hand dryers are 2-3 times faster than most hand dryers. The stylish, compact design saves 95% versus paper towels and provides great performance while consuming 80% less electricity than other hand dryers. The eXtremeAir® hand dryer patent-pending design will provide many years of trouble-free service.

A recess kit is available for the GXT-M to reduce the depth of the dryer to less than 4 inches for ADA Compliance.

Construction Features:
Cover – One-piece, heavy-duty 18 gauge steel cover is lightweight and virtually indestructible making this dryer an excellent choice for high traffic areas.

Finish – Durable, electrostatically-applied, chip-resistant white epoxy finish (M) tuff and easily cleaned. The chrome plated satin finish (C) hides finger marks while provideding a clean look.

Motor – Powerful series commutated through-flow discharge vacuum motor/blower with automatic resetting thermal protector. 5/8 HP, 20,000 RPM providing safety and high performance.

Automatic Sensor – 100% solid state design eliminates relay contact problems. Microprocessor controlled infrared sensor turns dryer on when hands are placed under the air outlet. Dryer shuts off when hands are removed. The built-in override turns off in 80 seconds if hands are not removed.

Heating Element – Constructed of NiChrome resistance wire with automatic resetting thermostat for safety. Heating element operates in the black range for maximum life and low maintenance. Heating element is built into blower housing and therefore inaccessible to vandals.

Tamper Resistant – Two tamper resistant screws secure cover to steel base preventing vandals from easily tampering with the hand dryer. Blower air intake is safeguarded for additional safety.

Recess Kit (R)
Reduces the depth of the dryer to less than 4 inches.